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  LOVE and Stress have different neurochemistries … we can invite love or desire by reducing a person’s stress levels. The skin is the body’s biggest organ; it is very sensory. LOVE is a mind-body thing - Start with a clean, uncluttered space; warm and comfy to relax body and spirit. - Natural fragrances, not artificial perfumes, are best. Some studies note popcorn, cinn...


Massage Room in Golds Gym

Most of the time you can find me in GOLDS GYM OC (soon to be GOLD COAST GYM) 145th St. OC, MD  21842 - Private, inviting massage room.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised. - Offer a truely relaxing, substantial or therapeutic massage, rather than the assembly line of a spa. - Gym has extended hours M-THUR 6a-10pm. FRI 6a-9pm. SAT 7a-7pm. SUN 8a-6pm. - Gym and GOLD COAST MALL have lots to off...

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