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Much of the time you can find me in GOLD COAST GYM OC, bayside.

- Call or text cell: 410-430-4812 for questions or appointment.

- Private, inviting massage room.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

- Offer a truely relaxing, substantial or therapeutic massage, rather than the assembly line of a spa.

-1 hr $85       1.5 hr $115       2 hr $150.

- Gym has extended hours M-THUR 6a-10pm. FRI 6a-9pm. SAT 7a-7pm. SUN 8a-6pm.

- Gym and GOLD COAST MALL have lots to offer: RiteAid, Coffee Shop, Candy Kitchen, Peebles, Family Dollar, Fox Movie Theaters, Dennys, Radioshack, OC Kabob, Shoe Store, … (The movie ‘Ping Pong Summer’ with Susan Serandon was filmed here :)

I can also be found at the WORLD GYM Salisbury – 800 S. Salis. Blvd, MD  21801

- Again, call or text cell: 410-430-4812 for questions or appointment.

- private, aesthetically relaxing massage room.

- 1 hr $80       1.5 hr $110.

- As you can imagine, most sessions have a therapeutic goal.  I work on an extreme variety of body shapes and sizes.

- Gym offers free 7 day pass if you have a local address.

- This gym is the bomb.  It probably has more footage, equipment and classes than any in the Salisbury.



  • “Wow! I thought I’d had a lot of massages before, but I feel like I’ve just had my first real massage.”- A Vacationer
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