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Licensed Massage Therapist

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Yoga & Tai Chi / Taiji classes

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In the Ocean City MD area

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Providing Massage Therapy & Body Work and other Health Arts in the Ocean City MD area.


Too Much Driving got your ‘Knickers in a Knot?’

Sciatica?        I call it ‘Commuter Booty.’  The right glute’s nagging like a buggar; feels on-fire; gradually, the pain may seem to shoot down the leg.  It makes for a generally miserable situation.  But … some seasoned visitors have taught me they schedule a massage for arrival; – even before check-in.  Fringe Benefit: refreshes the stress-hurry-worry Energy.  Instead of all sys…

Couples Outcalls

[icon color="#4e0404" size="16px" target="_blank" name="awesome-heart"]  What an opportunity for RELAXING and ROMANCE!  This year, Valentines is a four-day weekend for many, starting on Friday and ending Presidents Day Monday.  Because of the super weekend, I have some time slots left for outcalls.  These are on a strictly selective basis: couples or referrals.  Yes, I bring everything to y…


  LOVE and Stress have different neurochemistries … we can invite love or desire by reducing a person’s stress levels. The skin is the body’s biggest organ; it is very sensory. LOVE is a mind-body thing - Start with a clean, uncluttered space; warm and comfy to relax body and spirit. - Natural fragrances, not artificial perfumes, are best. Some studies note popcorn, cinn…

Backaches everywhere …

- Walking on the beach is great for loosening-up the wonderfully articulating feet, the strong and commanding hips, and everything that sits on the hips. If your body isn’t too stiff or compromised, a walk on the uneven and ‘giving’ sand is GREAT therapy. If your feet, ankles, pelvis or back have been ignored or have stuck scar tissue, the adjustments resulting from a beach walk may SEEM like a li…


Massage Room in Golds Gym

Most of the time you can find me in GOLDS GYM OC (soon to be GOLD COAST GYM) 145th St. OC, MD  21842 - Private, inviting massage room.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised. - Offer a truely relaxing, substantial or therapeutic massage, rather than the assembly line of a spa. - Gym has extended hours M-THUR 6a-10pm. FRI 6a-9pm. SAT 7a-7pm. SUN 8a-6pm. - Gym and GOLD COAST MALL have lots to off…


  • “Wow! I thought I’d had a lot of massages before, but I feel like I’ve just had my first real massage.”- A Vacationer
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